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Pet Bat Mechanisms

  • If not fighting, will always follow and remain close to the owner.
  • If owner isn't present (left server), remains where he last was.
  • Tries and finds a hanging spot if it can, will not leave whatever area it is in.
  • Can be startled from hanging spot by a foreign player, by attacks, by breaking the block, or by dropping pumpking pie.
  • If it gets stuck and the owner runs further off, will teleport directly into owner inventory.
  • Bats are not fire or lava proof, or particularly resistant to explosions.
  • Levels up by dealing damage, does not require actual kills.
  • Levelling up boosts max health and damage.
  • Upon reaching level 3, pet bats gain a 33% life steal on attack effect.
  • Upon reaching max level, pet bats gain enchantment visuals.
  • Upon "death" returns as item to owner inventory and has to be fed before it can fly again.
  • If owner isn't on the server when it dies, it really dies and is lost.
  • Your inventory is a completely safe place, unless you happen to die.
  • Ownership of a Pet Bat does not transfer with the Item bat, the tamer stays it's owner.
  • A hurt pet bat can be healed by dropping pumpkin pie for feeding.
  • Foreign players can also feed them pumpkin pie by dropping it nearby.
  • Only freshly dropped pie counts.
  • Handheld bats grant night vision, regardless of their health.
  • Yes, you can pour your cruelty, your malice, and your will to dominate all life into your bat using an anvil and pumpkin pie.
  • Apart from healing the bat that doesn't do much.

For more info go to the forum of minecraft:

Installation Instructions

Required Stuff to have installed beforehand:

  1. Make sure you followed the Forge installation instructions.
  2. Best testlaunch minecraft once before installing this.
  3. If the file you downloaded IS NOT a .jar, if it is an archive, you NEED to open it and find the installation instructions inside.
  4. Drop the downloaded file into your .minecraft/mods/ folder.

Pet Bat - Downloads
Minecraft Version Downloads
1.12 / 1.12.1
1.6.4 and 1.6.2