License regarding AtomicStryker's Mods

New license as of 17.02.2015, AtomicStryker no longer insists on contacting him for modpack permissions

The modifications distributed here are (unless otherwise stated) the intellectual property of AtomicStryker. The compiled mod files may not be placed publicly for direct download on any web site without advance written permission by AtomicStryker. [regarding: "Minecraft mods" websites] Distribution of these mods by themselves on websites other than and is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

This does not apply for mod compilations, or "modpacks". These are allowed to make use of my work so long no profits are made in the process. Modpacks may not be used to directly generate revenue of any kind (eg adfly). I do however consider monetized "Let's Play" type youtube videos which feature my mods within fair use.

You are allowed to read and use the provided Sourcecode in order to make interacting mods so long the resulting mods still require my originals to function. You are allowed to integrate ideas or techniques from my Sourcecode into your Mods. Mods and Sourcecode assumed from other authors fall under their respective licenses and copyright statements, a link should always be provided.

All my work is open source. You can check it out here: Github Link